Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Whiskey

Happy first day of spring! Lucky for us, it supposed to hit mid-50 today. Yes I am extremely happy about that, this Caribbean born gal is definitely looking forward to some nicer warm weather. The thought of warm weather makes me smile as much as the thought of an Angel’s Share when it comes to whiskey.

If you aren’t much of a whiskey drinker and have never heard of the term Angel’s Share, Angel’s Share is the term use for the amount of alcohol that evaporates from the cask of a whisky or whiskey during maturation. The percentages of evaporation are different depending on a countries weather climate.

The term Angel’s Share is what inspired the name for Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Whiskey. This bourbon was created by Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson. Per their website Angel’s Envy is aged up to 6 years in Charred White Oak barrels and it is then finished in ruby port wine casks.

A few months ago good friend of mine named Brian tried this whiskey during a trip to Kentucky as he is just trying to get into bourbon.  He thought it was OK! What I love about a good website is when they make it a point to include cocktail recipes, like Angel’s Envy does. It’s a way to get friends, like Brian, who don’t normally enjoy whiskey straight up to have a little whiskey in their life (

Unlike Brian, I thought this bourbon was more than OK. It’s not my favorite bourbon, but it is darn good bourbon.


Nose: Oak, vanilla and hints of sweetness

Taste: Smooth, vanilla, leather and fruit

Finish: Nice smooth overall finish.

I highly recommend trying! You can’t beat the price, quality and craftsmanship taken to put out such a product. Most of the bottles I saw listed ranged from $45-$50. In my opinion, we can at times use a little angel in our lives, I know I certainly could.


Angels Envy Kentucky

Note: The contents on my blog are solely my opinion. To me every palate is different! Although I may or may not like a product, I always recommend for people to try it and make up their own minds.

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