Ardbeg Ardcore

Here is Ardbeg’s 2022 Ardbeg Day release, Ardcore. Which pays tribute to the Punk Rock scene of the 1970s. The blue in the bottle makes it stand out amongst past Ardbeg releases. I purchased their regular Ardcore bottle (ABV 46%). A 50.1% was released for the Committee as well.

This is a no-age-statement made using roasted black barley. They classified the taste as “biting on a spiky ball”.

Nose: charcoal, coffee, and smoke
Palate: chocolate, toffee, charcoal, and coffee
Finish: smoke and lightly sweet
Cost: $119 (what I paid)

Now here’s a whisky that is pungent, smokey and although I’ve never bitten a spiky ball, I can understand what they’re saying. With all that said, I love it! I love it because I have always been a fan of peated whiskies. Even after over 20 years of drinking whisky the Islay whiskies are still my go to. They conjure warm welcoming hugs and comforting moments that warm the soul. This whisky was no exception!

If you like peated whiskies you will enjoy it. The black barley brings in notes of chocolate and toffee but also coffee. It’s warming, very smoky and although your palate gets slightly beaten a bit it’s a flavor that is very Ardbeg like.

This whisky is strong and has a hefty price. I bought this whisky not only because I love Ardbeg but to also help you decide whether you need it. So, if you are wondering, do I need this? Truthfully you don’t. Although there are unique notes, it does have a similar tasting profile to other expressions. If you already have an Ardbeg whisky in your collection, don’t spend your money on this one. It’s good but not $119 good!


Note: The contents on my blog are solely my opinion. To me every palate is different! Although I may or may not like a product, I always recommend for people to try it and make up their own minds.


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