Glenmorangie A Tale of Cake Single Malt Whisky

Now you can not only have your cake but… you can drink it to. And, before I get into the whisky let me say, bravo Glenmorangie the packaging is beautiful. For this bottle, I stood in the middle of the aisle asking myself, do I really need it? Part of me said no, while the other said heck yes, look how pretty it. By now, you know which side won. So, it’s a huge win for Glenmorangie’s marketing team. You’ve done well!

This whisky was the brainchild of their Director of Whisky Creation, Dr. Bill Lumsden. He found that some of his most joyful memories came from cake, particularly with his family. This whisky is meant to capture that magical cake moment.

It’s meant to be a limited edition but… don’t even get me started on whiskies label limited edition. I found that not all limited editions are that limited.

Nose: honey, fruit, vanilla, mango and chocolate 

Palate: vanilla, apricot, oranges, chocolate and peaches

Finish: almonds and honey

When I think Glenmorangie, I always think of sweeter whiskies, so let me start with the most important thing, the whisky smells sweet but, it is not a sweet tasting whisky. It is creamy from start to finish, it has great tropical notes and brings a certain uniqueness when compared to other whiskies and Glenmorangie products. It is smooth, balanced and yes, a whisky that would very much pair well with a slice of cake.

I purchased this bottle at $94.99. I do think that is high so, if you are buying this because you love sweet whiskies, I think you might be disappointed. Yes, there is a slight sweetness, but I found that to be very minimal, which is why I actually really enjoyed this dram. It’s a whisky you’d enjoy if you are looking for something unique, something that is lightly sweet and have the money to spend.

Overall, I am glad I purchased it and I will continue to enjoy it.


Note: The contents on my blog are solely my opinion. To me every palate is different! Although I may or may not like a product, I always recommend for people to try it and make up their own minds.


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