Mad River – Bourbon Whiskey

Yesterday evening, after a long day at the beach, slightly sun drunk and with sand still on our feet, we walked into the South End Whole Foods to pick up groceries for dinner. It was definitely not our intention to stop and drink, but how could we not when a Vermont distillery was offering samples that included a small batch Bourbon Whiskey and a Rye. We were ready for the challenge!

Maura Connolly, Mad River Co-Founder, was on hand to tell us about the products. While I listened, my first thought was that everyone talks up their products but few deliver. I was definitely skeptical to try it, but when I did, oh boy, it delivered. I enjoyed it so much that I left there with a bottle in tow. Bottle was priced at $38.99.

Tasting Notes
Nose: oak and spices
Palate: smooth and creamy with notes of licorice, honey, oak and spices
Finish: slight burn before it smooth’s out in the end

Mad River Distillers was fist conceptualized back in 2011 and their first product (a rum) was introduced in 2013. Since then, their range has expanded. Aside from the whiskey they also offer: Apple Brandy; Maple Cask Rum; First Run Rum and Vanilla Rum.

Their bourbon was first introduced in May 2014. It has a nice rich amber color, is aged for at least a year and has legs for days. It has a mash bill composed of: corn, wheat, barley and oats.

I was very impressed with this bourbon. After sampling in the store and purchasing, my boyfriend and I tasted it again after dinner and I do think that it tasted better that second time around. It’s young bourbon that tastes older than its age. Imagine the possibilities if aged longer. That’s not to say its not good now because it is. I found it to be a good sipping bourbon, as well as, good bourbon to use in cocktails.

What I appreciate is that they took the time to make the whiskey, as opposed of putting out a white whiskey just to bring money into the company. There is a good amount of quality, care and thought put into this bourbon and I would definitely recommend it.

If you are ever in the Warren area in Vermont check them out. It’s a distillery I definitely look forward to exploring more.



Mad River - Bourbon Whiskey

Note: The contents on my blog are solely my opinion. To me every palate is different! Although I may or may not like a product, I always recommend for people to try it and make up their own minds.


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