Cadenhead Small Batch 1988 Highland Park 25 years

I am certain many of you might have heard of Highland Park, but if you are not much of a whisky drinker maybe you don’t know about Cadenhead. Cadenhead is very similar to Ducan Taylor and Gordon & MacPhail; they are independent bottling companies. Most often than not, a lot of these independent bottlers either end up acquiring a surplus of whiskies from distilleries and or they bottle it and sell it for the distilleries also using their name. This Highland Park 25 years sold by Cadenhead is an example.

Now here’s a story, I had this Cadenhead Highland Park 25 at the Last Hurrah because it was a recommendation from Frank, their bar manager. What I learned that evening from Frank was that he loved this Highland Park 25 from Cadenhead and said it tasted like it should, while he didn’t much care for the actual 25 year-old produced by its originator, Highland Park. I can’t speak for the actual Highland Park 25 year-old but I can speak to this Cadenhead Highland Park and let me tell you, it’s PHENOMENAL!

Cadenhead was founded back in 1842 and was family own till 1972 when it was then acquired by J & A Mitchell & Co. LTD, which are proprietors of Springbank distillery.

I first tasted this 25 year-old completely neat. It was great, but a bit dry. I then added a splash of water and that is when all those amazing flavors were enhanced.

Experience (splash of water):

Nose: Sherry, cherries, wood and sweetness

Taste: Extremely smooth, fruity, sherry, sweet, with hints of spices.

I absolutely loved this whisky. It is amazing and the deep reddish color is absolutely gorgeous. As it was a small batch whisky, everywhere I looked showed that they were sold out. I highly recommend trying if you come across it and if you happen to live in the Boston area, the Last Hurrah has it, but hurry, as I am certain it won’t last.

It the type of whisky that you just sit back and truly enjoy. It’s remarkable!


Cadenhead Cadenhead(B)

Note: The contents on my blog are solely my opinion. To me every palate is different! Although I may or may not like a product, I always recommend for people to try it and make up their own minds.


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