Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost | Game of Thrones House Stark

Last night was a big night with the premier of Game of Thrones. The whisky of choice was, House Stark which was paired with Dalwhinnie.

House Stark has ruled over the northern lands for centuries. Winterfell is their home and there is one main saying they have always shared, Winter is Coming. Like House Stark, the Dalwhinnie distillery is located in one of the highest and coldest locations in Scotland. The extreme conditions contribute to the signature Dalwhinnie notes.

I have said this before and I will say it again, there should have been more to this pairing than high altitude and mountainous locations, but I do like Dalwhinnie so let’s get to it.

Tasting Notes

Nose: honey, pear, apple and vanilla

Palate: lightly sweet, honey, malt and vanilla

Finish: sweet and smooth

We tasted this whisky both neat and chilled, as it’s recommended in the bottle. It is a good whisky neat but, it truly comes alive when chilled. The chillness brought out more of the oils making it creamier. It also added notes of pepper, spices and warmth.

This is an easy to drink whisky. It’s light, sweet and tastes great. It’s a good everyday drinking whisky that I think many people will enjoy. The one issue I have with it has nothing to do with the whisky itself but with the house it was paired with.

I don’t see House Stark or the people living in the north reaching for something this light after spending a day out in the cold. Rating the whisky on its own, it’s great. I liked its ease of drink, the sweet notes and the hits of spices. I enjoyed it and know that many people will as well. I just wish they would have paired this house with a whisky that had a bit more grit and brine.



Note: The contents on my blog are solely my opinion. To me every palate is different! Although I may or may not like a product, I always recommend for people to try it and make up their own minds.


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