Sons of Liberty Distillery

For being a small state, Rhode Island certainly has a lot going for themselves and that includes the Sons of Liberty Distillery. I had not heard about this place until my boyfriend mentioned it last week, so on Labor Day Weekend we headed down for a tour and sampling of their product.

The distillery has been distilling for three-years now in South Kingstown, RI and was the brainchild of Michael Reppucci. Their main concept, distilling single malt whiskies from the beers they love. Brilliant idea if you ask me!

For single malt whiskies they have Uprising and Battle Cry. For flavored whiskies they have their summer release, Hop, which was started as an IPA and for their winter release they have Pumpkin Spice Whiskey. Their Pumpkin Spice Whiskey also just won, World Best Flavoured at the World Whiskies Awards. This is by no means the only award they have won however. For a distillery only having been distilling for 3 years, the number of awards they have already won is pretty impressive.

They are also not limiting themselves to just whiskies, as they are also distilling vodka, Local 9 Vodka. They have their original and distill two other flavored vodkas, mint cucumber and dark chocolate vanilla bean. You can say their original vodka is extremely water like, so I’d watch out for how much you drink of that.

My favorite of the lot was their Uprising single malt. It’s made using 100% malted barley and it is double distilled. The whiskey is aged in newly charred American Oak Barrels and complemented with toasted French Oak.

Uprising Tasting Notes
Nose: sweet and oak
Palate: sweet, vanilla with hints of caramel
Finish: extremely smooth and light

The Uprising was the one bottle that I ended up purchasing and that was around $36.

Although their distillery tour is brief, their entire staff was friendly, personable and funny, especially Mike’s dad who ended up pouring the whiskey and vodka in our tasting. He was extremely generous with those pours and for that we thank you Mr. Reppucci.

The one issue I had was that not all their products (whiskies we tasted) were available there at the distillery for purchasing. Although great to know that they are doing well and their product is selling out, it was rather disappointing to want something you enjoyed and not being able to get it. I am certain it’s something they will rectify in the future.

Aside from that one minor issue I had no others. If you live in the area I highly recommend taking the tour and tasting their products. The products are different and pretty darn great. They are a must try! And furthermore, if they have done this much in three years, can you image how much more they can do in a few more years? I certainly can’t wait to see!



Note: The contents on my blog are solely my opinion. To me every palate is different! Although I may or may not like a product, I always recommend for people to try it and make up their own minds.


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