Bourbon Smash (with Four Roses Bourbon)

While out today on this hot and sticky Thursday all I could think about was having something cold and refreshing. I know for most of you, whisky will not come to mind on a day like this, so I wanted to give you an alternative.

On a recent night out to a restaurant I tried my boyfriends Bourbon Smash, which is essentially bourbon, simple syrup, mint and lemon. This drink can be done with either whisky or bourbon. The bourbon the bartender used for the cocktail was Four Roses bourbon, which is from Kentucky. This was my first time trying Bourbon Smash and Four Roses bourbon. After trying it I realized that it was bourbon I would need to try on its own.

For this cocktail, the bartender did make it a little too tart for my liking, but the drink itself, if done correctly is extremely refreshing and very good.

For non whisky drinkers it is a good way to get the taste of bourbon, if you find that drinking it alone is too strong. With drinking this you can still taste the bourbon but the other ingredients help dilute it making it less overpowering.

So, if you are out there and wanted something refreshing to help keep cool, give this cocktail a try. If they have it available, I’d certainly have them go with the Four Roses bourbon.

Now for more whisky talk, join me on Monday as I review Bowmore 15-year-old darkest, which has a sherry cask finish.



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