Bowmore 15-year-old darkest sherry cask finish

Yikes! I might have sounded a bit mean saying that The Glenlivet 15 wasn’t that great of a gift since my boyfriend was the one who gave it to me. He has long since made up for it and was the one who also gave me the whisky we are talking about today, a Bowmore 15-year-old darkest sherry cask finish whisky.

These two gifts are worlds apart from each other. We went from meh whisky to dark amazing whisky. I’ve said it before, I am hands down an Islay girl and it was the tasting of the Bowmore 12-year-old that first introduced me to this wonderful region on my last trip to Scotland.

It is matured in two different casks, a bourbon and the other a sherry cask. It is called sherry cask finish because it spends the last three years maturing in a sherry cask. It has 43% alcohol content and will roughly cost you about $64 or so.

Bowmore is considered to be Islay’s first distillery as it has been distilled since 1779. It is not the smokiest of the Islay whiskies but it certainly has that signature smoky taste. It was the main reason I first fell in love with it. It has a nice beautiful amber color. The smell is filled of smoke and chocolate. It is extremely rich and smooth. It tastes woodsy and smoky. At the end you get a hint of that sherry.

This whisky warms your throat and heart as you finish drinking it. It’s peaty, without the peat being too over powering. For the ladies, it makes you want a box of chocolates to go with it.  I definitely want a box of chocolate to go with it. It is a whisky I sip and want to keep drinking. It has a great start but an even better finish. It will always be on my short list of favorites.

I highly recommend you try it neat first, if it’s too strong then please drop that ice in. You can always add ice but you can’t take it away. I really recommend this whisky for the whisky lover. It is a must try as you will not be disappointed. If you aren’t a huge smoky fan, the upside is that the smokiness is not overwhelming in my opinion. So pick it up and try it for yourself.



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  1. Whitney says:

    My parents brought me a tiny bottle of Bowmore 15 back from their recent trip to Scotland. Now that I've tasted it, I wish they had brought a normal sized bottle! Smooth, smokey, and delicious!

  2. Daisy Sosa says:

    I completely agree! It is smooth, smoky and delicious. I wish that the US would sell more of those tiny bottles however. It would make it easier for people to sample whisky, know whether they like it or not without having to spend a huge amount of money. I recently saw a 200mL bottle of Glenfiddich priced at $24. It’s a good price for those who haven’t tried it when the actual big bottle costs around $75-$85. Cheers!

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