Longrow Red 11 year-old Australian Shiraz Casks Limited Edition

When I think of peated scotch, I always think of Islay. I am an absolute sucker for smoky, peaty single malts and Islay is frankly known for them. When I heard Campbeltown’s Longrow single malt was just as peaty, you better believe I wanted to try it and judge for myself. SPOILER ALERT: It is just as peaty.

Longrow was first established in 1828 and neighbored the Springbank distillery. The actual Longrow distillery closed in 1896 however; it is now produced by Springbank and carries the name of the old distillery. Although produced by Springbank note that Longrow has managed to keep its identity and is very unlike any of the other Springbank brands.

This single malt is double distilled and the barley used is peat dried. Now if you are wondering what peat dried barley is here is a simple explanation. After barley is soaked it has to be set out to dry. Some use the old process of malting floors to dry out the barley, some use other drying methods, while some, like Longrow, use peat fire to further the drying process. It is the peat fire smoke that gets into the barley enhancing its peatiness.

This 11 year-old limited edition is first matured in refill bourbon casks for six years and the remaining years are finished off in Australian Shiraz Casks. Now Longrow uses refill casks for all their maturation. This means that they never used new casks at any point.

I was pleasantly surprised on how peaty this single malt was. They achieved their goal in creating a peaty single malt that was not made in Islay but rather Campbeltown.

Tasting Notes

Nose: peat smoke and fruit

Palate: peat and wine casks marry well. There is sweetness mixed in with the power of the peat notes.

Finish: Nice burn, very peaty

Given that I love smoky and peaty single malts there is no surprise that I actually really enjoyed this Longrow. I think there is a perfect balance between the peat and the sweetness. If you like peated scotches then I think you will certainly enjoy this Longrow.

If you come across it then I suggest you give it a try. There were only 9000 made so once they are gone, they are certainly gone.


Longrow Red 11 year-old Limited Edition

Note: The contents on my blog are solely my opinion. To me every palate is different! Although I may or may not like a product, I always recommend for people to try it and make up their own minds.


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  1. Wm Gemmell says:

    Whisky Gospel just shared a tasting of the Longrow Red as well (http://bit.ly/1kEFY9Z).
    Like you, I really enjoyed this whisky. I was telling Yoav (of Whisky Gospel) that I really enjoy how this one sneaks up on you – you get that nice berry sweetness on the fore and then right about mid-palate all that lovely smoke and peat kicks in. Lovely. Great review, and definitely a bottle to grab while you still can. Cheers.

    1. whiskeywench says:

      Thanks and thanks for sharing the link! It was great to read Yoav’s review. I guess we were think along the same lines for what whisky to post about today 🙂 so glad you also enjoyed it. I was very surprised by this whisky, in a very good way. Cheers!

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