Bowmore 18 years old

When I think of Bowmore, I think of the wonderful time I had during my last visit to Scotland. My first visit to Scotland was rather short, but it was on my 2nd visit that I got the chance to discover Bowmore and fall a bit in love with the city of Edinburgh. What it also made me realize is that on my next visit, a trip to Islay is a definite must.

Bowmore is an Islay whisky that is located on the shores of Loch Indaal which pours into the Atlantic Ocean. Prior to writing about this 18 year old I wrote about Bowmore 15-year-old darkest sherry cask finish back in July of last year ( If you recall from that post, Bowmore has been established since 1779.

Now you may also recall that last Tuesday I wrote about Kilchoman Machir Bay ( and how they are one in a few distilleries that still uses the traditional floor malting method. Bowmore just happens to be another one of those other few distilleries that also uses the traditional floor malting method. Here is that basic floor malting explanation again: First thing, before barley can be placed on the floor it is soaked in water. This actually makes the barley grow in bulk. It is then placed on the floor to dry and prevent it from growing any further.  Once on the floor, it is turned (raked) often enough to ensure that its growth is even. It’s a method that is expensive and takes time, but well worth it when you taste the final product for both these whiskies.

I loved Bowmore 15 years and I loved this 18 year old even more. In general, one of my favorite notes to taste in a whisky is smoke, although Bowmore isn’t Islay’s smokiest whisky, it certainly doesn’t fall short from it. When I was writing my notes on the tasting, the first word I wrote was LOVED!!!!


Nose: smoke and caramel

Palate: perfectly balanced smoky notes mixed in with chocolate

Finish: Smooth with the right amount of burn. Absolutely delightful!

I may love this product because it was my first Islay whisky, or may because it reminds me of wonderful times in Scotland, but I ultimately love it because it truly is a great Scotch! It is complex and beautifully made. I am sure by now you would have gathered that yes, I do recommend trying. If you would rather buy I saw a varying range of prices for this product. It went from $80-$90 all the way up to $110 or so.

This whisky is on my wish list of whiskies to one day own, along with the dream to visit Islay and attend the Islay Whisky festival one day. Hey, a girl can dream and if you haven’t tried Bowmore’s then I do think you are missing out.


Bowmore 18

Note: The contents on my blog are solely my opinion. To me every palate is different! Although I may or may not like a product, I always recommend for people to try it and make up their own minds.


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