Maker’s Mark

Amazing how time flies, in just about two weeks Thanksgiving will be upon us. As we get closer to the day, I am sure we all stop to think about all the things that we are thankful for. For me, aside from being thankful for my family, friends, career and roof over my head, I am also thankful to have this blog to write about whisky, whiskey, and bourbon which is something I am passionate about.

I first started drinking bourbon because I wanted to fit in. That bourbon was Maker’s Mark. Having attended a military college, where females were the minority at the time, I drank it to be one of the guys.

When I first started drinking it, it took me a long time to like it. I’ve said this in a post before, the first time you try bourbon or whisky, chances are that you will not like it that 1st time… the 2nd, 3rd or maybe even the 4th time; in my opinion it really is an acquired taste, and something you eventually build a great appreciation for.

Maker’s Mark is actually a great way for anyone to start their bourbon tasting if they have been looking to start. It is a Kentucky Bourbon that is very smooth and is extremely affordable. If you like bourbon/whisky/whiskey and you have not tried this one yet, then I do believe you are missing out. To me it is one of the best Kentucky Bourbons out there.

My experience

Smell: Amazing is the first thing that came to mind. The minute I opened the bottle it brought back great memories. I can just close my eyes and smell the great aroma for a good while. It also smells very woodsy, like oak. I also get hints of sweetness.

Taste: Oak, vanilla, smooth. I added a hint of water and through brought out the sweetness in the bourbon.

To me the finish just leaves me wanting more. It is very tasty and it’s enjoyable bourbon. It’s bourbon making at its best. Also, how can you not enjoy the detailing of the wax top. A nice feature that certainly makes for a great looking bottle.

If you want to try it out without having to break the bank, all you have to do to enjoy this iconic bourbon is to purchase their 50 mL bottle. It’s a great way to try it out and know whether you like it or not without spending the money on a full bottle. The 50 mL will give you a fingers worth. You can’t beat that when trying out a good quality product.

In my opinion, I wish all bourbon and whisky distilleries offered more of these small bottles. It would make it easier to try something and know whether you like it or not before spending the big bucks. So if you haven’t tried this wonderful bourbon before, then I’d recommend you do, it’s definitely well worth the try.



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