Bushmills 16 year old

For a while now I’ve been asked the question “Have you tried Bushmills”? I would always reply “No, but it’s on my list to try”. Well, that certainly changed this past weekend, so YES, I have finally tried Bushmills! I had a finger (maybe 2) of this 16 year after a long Sunday which included an 8.5 mile walk through the Minuteman trails here in MA.

Before I go further I want to clarify what a finger is for those who aren’t whiskey drinkers or are just learning about whiskey. A finger of whiskey is not a formal measurement but roughly equals one fluid ounce. The amount usually comes out to be the width of one finger. So, if you have two fingers then it’s basically the width of two of your fingers. 

This 16 year old is an Irish blended whiskey. Out of their range, in my opinion, it has the nicest color with a beautiful reddish hue. A bottle would cost around $60-$70.

To create its blended flavors, one whiskey is matured in Oloroso sherry casks and the other in bourbon casks. They are then brought together and matured in port wine casks and then voilà, this whiskey is born. Although this whiskey does not top my list of favorites, it is still very enjoyable and a very good Irish blend.

The Experience: After pouring my finger, or two, I first smelled the fruitiness of the whiskey. That was then followed by the smell of sherry and sweetness. In the palate I was first hit with a burn. The taste was creamy, sweet and it very much tasted like honey. In the end I was left with a woodsy taste.

Overall, it was a very good blend that is definitely worth tasting. The burn of this whiskey would immediately warm anyone up on a very chilly/cold day. So, if you are looking for some warmth this winter give this one a world, you might just like it.



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  1. This post brings back great memories for me! As boys, on cold snowy nights, my brother and I would come in from shoveling our driveway and be greeted by a "thimble" of Bushmills from our Dad. "This is to warm you up boys," he'd say. I can still feel the burn from that first taste and the warm feeling that followed. Dad smiled at as and always whispered.."Don't tell your mother." Thanks for bring back such a found memory!

  2. *bringing* I hate typo's!!

  3. Daisy Sosa says:

    Glad this whiskey brought back wonderful memories! I feel there is always a memory behind every dram I drink. There is always something special about sharing a dram, especially with a friend, family member or even a stranger. Cheers!

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