Ardbeg 10 year old

Let me start by saying that Ardbeg is one of my very favorite Single malt Scotch whiskies. The first time I tried Ardbeg I was in San Diego about 2 years ago attending a friend’s wedding. While out at a whisky bar I wanted to try something smoky and different, so the bartender suggested Ardbeg. Since then this very Scotch has topped my list of favorites.

If you love smoke and peat then this is a must try for you, if you have not already tried it. For my non whisky drinkers, I would not recommend you try this one first if you are trying to get into whisky. This whisky is extremely strong and something you should try once you’ve experience lighter whisky notes. Basically, non whisky drinkers should develop a palate for whisky before reaching for this one as it is strong. I can guarantee you that it will be worth the wait once you do eventually try.

This great Scotch is from the Islay region of Scotland. For a little island, this place doesn’t hold back when it comes to the boldness of their whiskies. Ardbeg-10 is one of the peatiest and smokiest whiskies you will ever taste. But before we get to taste let’s take it one step at the time and start with the smell.

Smell: To be clear, you don’t really have to dig your nose too deep into the bottle to immediately get hit with that smoky smell. While drinking other whiskies I’ve had to literally smell the bottle a couple of times before really knowing what I smelled. The minute you open the Ardbeg bottle, you will get hit with a burst of smoke, peat, pepper and yes bacon (AMAZING).

Taste: If that smell left you salivating then wait till you taste it. When tasting you get extreme boldness, peat, smoke and pepper. As it goes down you get a wonderful tangy burn that will make you want to reach for another sip.

Finish: To be honest it’s the whisky that just keeps on giving. The finish is delightfully smoky. I will share with you that I’ve had a very busy and stressful work week. Last night after getting home from work and before dinner I poured myself a dram of Ardbeg and it was the drink that brought back a smile on my face. Yes it is that good in my opinion and yes I do recommend you try.

To me what’s also great about this whisky is the price; depending on where you buy you can pay around $45-$55 for a bottle. It is a great deal for this whisky and I believe worth it. I do own a bottle of Ardbeg and I will continue to keep purchasing. If you try it, I do hope you enjoy as well.


P.S. One last thing before I close this out, every time I close a blog out I always wonder if people really think that I hit the bottle a lot. Let me clarify that I do not! My father was an alcoholic and that has made me very aware of alcohol and how much I consume. My father is now 20+ years sober (hooray!). So, I drink responsibly and not to heavy handed, as everyone should.



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