Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon

Since starting my blog I feel like I’ve neglected bourbon along the way, even though, that is how I got my whisky drinking start. Here I am to change that neglect. Before we headed to make dinner last night we stopped by the liquor store and as I walked up and down the bourbon aisle, I realized there are a ton of great bourbons I have yet to try and to tell you all about.

While roaming the aisles I came across the very bourbon I am writing about today and that is Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon from Kentucky. If you don’t know this already, a single barrel means that the bourbon is aged in one barrel. There are many distilleries that use different types of barrels to age their products. I definitely think we will see more and more single barrel products become available.

For my non whisky drinkers, just to refresh your memory from my previous post written on July 25th or if you had not read that post before, Bourbon has to have at least 51% or more corn in their mash to be considered bourbon. It has to be aged for at least two years, although most distilleries age theirs for four or more years.

While in school I can tell you that history was one of my favorite classes to take a bit of a snooze in, especially in college. If you were like me, please bear with me for the next few lines. It was after I tasted Blanton’s that I also realized the great history behind this Bourbon. There aren’t many product (four to be exact) that can claim this but Blanton’s was one of four (the only one in Kentucky) to be allowed to continue producing whiskey throughout the prohibition years.

Colonel Albert Blanton (Blanton’s was named in his honor) spent most of his life producing whiskey for the Ancient Age Distillery which you all now know as the Buffalo Trace Distillery.  The years of dedication and hard work he put into the whiskey show not only in the craftsmanship of the bourbon but also in the taste.

I’ll cut right down to the chase, this is excellent bourbon!! It is definitely a must try. When I opened the bottle I got hit with sweet smelling notes. It has a nice deep amber color and the taste was really smooth. I tasted notes of vanilla and spice. The bourbon had a nice burn to it and a great finish. If you love bourbon then you will enjoy this bourbon. Col. Blanton knew exactly what he was doing.

To top things off (no pun intended), aside from the great tasting bourbon, another great feature is in the bottle topper. The bottle topper features a horse and jockey. As you already know bourbon and horses go hand in hand in Kentucky. This topper certainly enhances the look of the bottle and makes a great tasting product look even better.

I recommend giving this one a try. You will not be disappointed!



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