Recipe: Adult Spicy Hot Chocolate

December is just around the corner and as it’s truly starting get cold outside I wanted to share a delicious hot chocolate recipe I made for my boyfriend and I. The recipe is called adult hot chocolate because it contains alcohol, and although it doesn’t contain any whisky, I think it’s still good enough for anyone adult to enjoy.

To begin I will share that I made my own whip cream. You can also make your own or you can skip the whipped cream step if you already have whipped cream handy.

Whipped Cream
2 Tablespoons of Sugar
1 Cup of Heavy Whipping Cream

Combined the sugar and heavy whipping cream in a pot and begin to whipped. I used an electronic hand mixer and mixed for about 5 minutes. You can do the same or mix it till you can see soft peaks in the whipped cream. After you are done stored away in the refrigerator and begin working on the hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate
1 heaping tablespoon of Lake Champlain Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate
8 oz. of milk
1 tablespoon of Kahlua
1/8 cup of Seymour’s Boston Cream Liqueur
Sprinkle of Cinnamon

For the hot chocolate you can simply follow the instructions you see in the back of the Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate container (I doubled the milk measurements because I was making two servings).

Side note: If you’ve never tried any chocolates or hot chocolates from Lake Champlain Chocolates, you are missing out. Maybe I am biased because they are a Vermont based company and I attended college in Vermont, but they are truly amazing and a must try.

Pour 8 oz. of milk in a pot and began to warm the milk. As the milk is warming up placed 1 heaping tablespoon of the Aztec Spicy Hot Chocolate in a mug. Make sure not to let the milk boil. When the milk is warm enough pour into the mug and mix well with the hot chocolate.

After mixing add 1 tablespoon of Kahlua followed by the 1/8 cup of Seymour’s Boston Cream Liqueur and mix again. For this recipe I used Seymour’s Boston Cream Liqueur, but if that is not a liqueur you have handy any Baileys or Cream Liqueur’s will do. I used the Seymour’s because it’s my favorite cream liqueur.

Once all the ingredients are mixed together, get your reserved whipped cream and dollop on top of your hot chocolate. You can place as little or as much as you want. Finish off with a sprinkle cinnamon and enjoy.

I absolutely love this hot chocolate! What I enjoy the most is that it is not overly sweet because I am not a sweets type of person. There is balance between the spiciness of the hot chocolate and the sweetness of the cream liqueur. To me it’s a simple recipe that is truly delicious.



Note: The contents on my blog are solely my opinion. To me every palate is different! Although I may or may not like a product, I always recommend for people to try it and make up their own minds.


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