Twenty Boat – Spice Rum

No it’s not a mistake, this whisky blogger is actually going to write about rum today. This isn’t just any rum, I was born in Puerto Rico and this island girl not only loves her rum but I also know good rum. For me to write about rum not coming from the Caribbean because it completely blew me away, is a big deal.

Twenty Boat is the product of South Hollow Distilleries. It is Cape Cod’s newest rum distillery and the first legal distillery on the Cape since prohibition. This distillery is the brainchild of the Roberts family, proprietors of Truro Vineyards. Their vineyard and distillery are just steps away from each other.

When we drove to the vineyard yesterday, our intent was to just enjoy their amazing wines. It surprised us to learn that they had opened a rum distillery since the last time I had been there last year and that this Memorial Day weekend just happened to be their launch weekend. Needless to say, we not only tasted their wine but we also toured their vineyard as well as their newest addition, their rum distillery.

This amazing spiced rum got its name from a rum smuggling ring near the coast of the Cape in 1930. As the rum smugglers tried to get away in their boat, it was Twenty Harbor Police and Coast Guard boats that gave them a good chase. Fortunately for the smugglers, they had fog on their side and they managed to get away.  It was this story that provided the name for this rum.

This spiced rum is hand-crafted in their small batch pot still. The spices are sourced locally and the rum is aged in their very own Chardonnay soak barrels. It is 95% proof and a bottle will cost you $39. As these are created in small batches, note that they are going fast. Lucky for us, we managed to buy a 1st batch bottle.

Tasting Neat:

Nose: nutmeg and cardamom
Palate: At first taste it is sweet and then you are hit with the power of spices. Nutmeg stood out the most for me.
Finish: It’s the rum that keeps giving, it was smooth and the taste lingers in your palate. If you love spiced rum then this is one you will truly need to try.

Twenty Boat with Gosling’s ginger beer:

Taste: A great cocktail. The cardamom notes pair well with this ginger beer. In the end the nutmeg still stands out the most to me. The drink is however refreshing and quite enjoyable.

I think any rum enthusiast will love this rum. Twenty Boat is currently only available in their Truro location and they have a few restaurants around the state that currently carry their rum. For those vacationers out on the cape near Truro on this very weekend, go visit them. This rum is a wonderful addition to their products and it is a must try.

They are only opened till 5pm today so there is still time. Run, don’t walk.

Wishing you all happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.



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  1. Mark says:

    Interesting drink. Not what I am used to, but a big first hit of spice (nutmeg, licorice??)- then a long smooth pleasant after burn- for a longtime- on the palate. Great blog- you are expanding my my taste universe. Keep it up!

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