Talisker 10-year-old

Stormy is the word that first comes to mind when I think and drink Tasliker 10. It is fitting since our forecasters are calling for a wintery mix here in New England this weekend. Since it will be blustery (a word that for some reason always reminds me of Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh, sadly) and cold, I am thinking the best way to spend the weekend is by snuggling up at home with either hot chocolate or maybe a Talisker in hand.

Talisker is from the Island region of Scotland, Isle of Skye to be exact. It is the only distillery in the island and it has been distilling for over 175 years. When I think of the Island and Islay regions, I always think of smoky single malts. Talisker 10 does not fall short in the smoky department. For my whisky newbie’s, if you are drinking a single malt that heavily tastes like peat-smoke or smoke then chances are that it’s from the Island or Islay regions.

I’ve had single malts before where I’ve been introduced to the family range by first tasting the youngest bottle in that range. Unfortunately at times I’ve been left severely disappointed. That however is not the case with this Talisker 10. It is a great introduction to the Talisker family. If you aren’t a fan of strong and bold flavors then this will not be the whisky for you. To my whisky newbie’s that are ladies, they best way I can describe it for you is, if you like rugged men then you might like this whisky as it is as rugged as it gets.

The Experience:

Nose: smoke and salt
Palate: Intense smoke. This whisky has a burn, but in my opinion, it’s a good burn. I also get slight hints of pepper.
Finish: Smooth and calming. It leaves me looking forward to that next sip.

I’ll be honest for those who have never tried a single malt before, this may not be the whisky you may want to start off with. I recommend something more subtle so as to not turn you off from drinking whisky ever again.

If you have someone in your life that loves smoky single malts then this might be a good option and would make for a great gift. A bottle of this Talisker 10 will cost you around $55-$65 depending on where you buy.

If you are in New England it might be a good drink to endure our weather this weekend while indoors decorating or just relaxing.  Being a city girl I don’t have much decorating to do in my small city apartment (see my apartment tree below), so I will just enjoy a dram being happy I am indoors.



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