Bruichladdich Rocks

It’s the Monday morning after daylights saving time, so if you are like me, you are probably trying to adjust to the time change and are still trying to wake up from the weekend. The chilly crisp weather certainly doesn’t make it easier, but the thought of a new fresh day and week is pretty sweet sounding to me and helps me segue to a very sweet, crisp tasting and refreshing Bruichladdich Rocks.

To me it’s probably one of the hardest to pronounce. The pronunciation of this Islay whisky has evolved throughout the years. According to their website (see link below) the way it is pronounced today is ‘brook-laddie’.

This whisky was given to me as a birthday gift from my good friend Fiona. Thank you Fiona! What she didn’t know was that I almost picked up a bottle the weekend before since it’s a whisky I enjoy.

For all my non-whisky drinkers, in my opinion this would be a very good whisky to get your start on, if you are looking to start somewhere. Although hard to pronounce the taste is pretty smooth and easy on the wallet (when it comes to whisky that is) as a bottle would cost about $45-$55. It’s light and un-peated.

My tasting experience:

When I opened up this bottle, on the NOSE I smelled sweetness, banana and vanilla.

On the PALATE, it was smooth, creamy, and sweet with a delightful burn. It is the kind of whisky that just made me smile.

This whisky has loads of flavor and left a refreshing taste. It’s a whisky that is light enough on the palate for those just starting their whisky experience. It’s also good enough for those experienced drinkers, as I enjoy it every time I have it.

So if you are looking for something new to try, give this one a world, in my opinion it won’t disappoint.



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