Ledaig 10 year old

To start this last week of August (so hard to believe), I am taking you back to the Islands of Scotland with a Ledaig 10 from the Isle of Mull on the west coast side of the country. This whisky is produced at the Tobermory distillery and it is the only distillery in the island. This distillery not only produces Ledaig 10 but also produces it’s very own Tobermory single malt. That single malt product has a range of a 10 year old and a 15 year old.

Ledaig 10 has an ABV of 46.3% and if you were looking to purchase a bottle, depending on where you go, it will cost you about $45-$55. It is a very decently priced whisky. Something to point out, if you recall my Chill-Filtration blog post from August 22nd, then you’ll remember that I noted that most chill filtered whiskies happen to have an ABV of 46% or less. This Ledaig 10 is definitely a non chill-filtered whisky and I still enjoyed very much. 

My Experience

Color: A nice light golden color

Smell: To me it smelled peaty and smoky

Taste: My palate was first hit with that peaty taste, followed by smoke and it ended with a bit of spicy. There is a nice burn in the end that makes this whisky most enjoyable.

This whisky for the price is well worth the money. It is far less than what you normally would pay average wise and the product is really great. As the days start getting cooler it’s a great whisky to warm you up with that nice wood smoke taste.

Would I ever add this to my collection? Yes, this is a whisky that I would certainly add to my collection. I did enjoy the taste and think that the price is even sweeter. If you are looking for a great product, at a very good looking price then try this, it won’t disappoint you or your wallet. 



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