The Dalmore 12

Ah Monday’s! If you had to drag yourself out of bed this morning and are now drinking a giant cup of coffee then we are in the same boat. Monday’s are extremely difficult to get into especially after a nice weekend. To cheer you up and put a smile on your face I have these sweet words to say to you, The Dalmore 12.

First and foremost I am a sucker for good whisky but if you ask me what makes for an even better whisky I would tell you a well packaged whisky. This whisky has a good taste and extremely good looks.

The front of the bottle is adorned with beautiful royal stag antlers. As the saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover,” however if this whisky were to be a book you would not go wrong by grabbing it for its cover because the product has a perfectly balanced start, middle and end.

The Dalmore 12 is a Highland whisky with an ABV of 40%. It is matured in both American white oak casks and oloroso sherry casks. A bottle, depending on where you go, will cost you around $40-$50+. For the taste and the bottle, this is a very good price point.

The Experience

Color: Dark honey (the color makes the bottle look even better)

Smell: Sweet and Raisins

Taste: I first tasted this on the rocks as it was my boyfriend who ordered it and I took a sip from his dram. To me it tasted like liquid raisins. I enjoyed it so much that I had to get my own neat glass. The neat dram was sweet, mild and still had that nice raisin taste. It really doesn’t disappoint!

Now I am not a fan of really sweet drinks, so much so, that I can’t even handle sugar in my coffee. I wanted to clarify that  although this whisky is sweet, the sweetness is not overwhelming. In other whiskies I’ve been able to taste the sherry from the sherry casks, but in this whisky all the notes are very well balanced that they all marry harmoniously.

If you wanted something different to try and are looking for it to be well priced then I would highly recommend this very good looking bottle. Whether it be to give to someone as a gift or for yourself, it is well worth the price and you will enjoy the taste.

The Dalmore 12 would also be a good whisky to taste for all those non whisky drinkers as it is mild and not too strong. I will be adding this to my collection not just to have it and enjoy myself but to also finally convert my sister-in-law into a whisky drinker. Now go out there and try it. If you do, feel free to let me know your thoughts.



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  1. Well said, to me Dalmore is like a dessert whisky. Sweet with strong hints of raisins makes this a nice switch from my favorites every once in a while. Nice picture! 😉

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