Glenfiddich 21

If you’ve ever visited the Glenfiddich website you will notice that one of the site banners indicates that it is “The world’s most awarded single malt,” And if you aren’t a whisky drinker you first initial thought is to roll your eyes because you feel they are trying to get you to drink their whisky. For all those non whisky drinkers and those who haven’t tried Glenfiddich as a whisky drinker I can attest that that this statement absolutely holds true. Excitement can’t begin to describe how I felt when I got the chance to try this Glenfiddich 21.
You don’t exactly have to be a whisky drinker to truly appreciate and enjoy this whisky. Having been matured for 21 years shows itself in how smooth the whisky is. It doesn’t end with a burn but rather a nice smooth warming note that I would recommend to any whisky and non whisky drinker out there.
Glenfiddich 21 is matured in Caribbean rum casks. It has an ABV of 40%. This bottle can cost you about $120-$140. Please note that I also saw it for more and less than this price range so it does depend on where you buy. This whisky is truly worth the price you pay to drink it. I truly wish this was a bottle of whisky I had in my collection, but sadly it is not. I was happy to try it after the bottle was given as a gift to my boyfriend.
The color:
          Dark gold
The smell:
The taste:
          A peppery taste was what first hit my palate
          Followed by the taste of spices
The finish:
          It is very warming and it’s ending spicy notes makes you keep coming back for more.
In my opinion and as a suggestion to non whisky drinkers, this whisky should be tried neat. If it ever gets to be too strong for you then you can add a splash of water or even an ice cube. Once you’ve tried it then you will definitively know why this is the most decorated single malt out there.
If you’ve been following my blog you would have noted that I have in previous write ups proclaimed to be an Islay girl, as most of my top favorite whiskies are from Islay. However, not all my top 5 favorites are from Islay as this one Speyside whisky does hold a very strong spot in that top 5. This whisky is truly a cut above the rest and I highly recommend one tries it.


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