Green Spot – Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey

I have enjoyed Irish whiskey, but before this year I had not found an Irish whiskey that I truly loved and could rave about. It was this past March when my friend Melissa and I headed to Dublin, Ireland for a little vacation. It was while out on one of our nights that we came upon the Parnell Heritage Pub, located on Parnell St. in Dublin. That’s where we met their very friendly bartenders who gave us a few good suggestions for Irish whiskey.

One of the suggested whiskies was Green Spot. If you are wondering why you may not have heard of Green Spot before it could be because it is not sold in the United States. With me back to the US, I brought back a bottle as a gift to my boyfriend. The bottle I bought was priced at about 55 Euros, roughly around 71 US dollars.

Green spot is tripled distilled in cooper pot stills and is considered to be a Single Pot Still whiskey, which is why it is very unique to Ireland. Green Spot by far is one of the smoothest Irish whiskies I have ever tasted. The smell is full of spice and fruitiness. At first I tasted cloves and that is followed by sweetness and the finish is barley. This is truly an amazing Irish whiskey! If you are ever in Ireland please be sure to pick this little bottle up.

I have always said I don’t love Irish whiskey till I tasted Green Spot!  My one regret during my trip to Ireland was not realizing that Green Spot had a mate, Yellow Spot. Unlike Green spot that has an alcohol content of 40%; Yellow Spot is 46% alcohol proof and is 12 years old. The upside, I have a very good reason now to go back to Ireland.

While I dream of future travel plans, I wish all those here in the US, a very happy and safe 4th of July!

Happy Drinking and Cheers!


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