Dalmore 15-Year

For the most part I never gravitate towards food or drinks that are sweet. Scotch wise, there are brands of whiskies I personally will not go near because they are too sweet. The one exception, Dalmore! Dalmore has always been one of my favorite sweeter whiskies. What separates this brand from others is the fact…

Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or

Whenever I think of sweet whiskies one of the first brand that comes to mind is Glenmorangie. Most of the Glenmorangie whiskies I’ve tasted have been on the sweeter side and this Nectar D’Or is no exception. For this expression Glenmorangie starts the maturing process in bourbon casks and finishes the process in Sauternes casks….

Glengoyne 10 year-old

Glengoyne is a Highlands whisky brand I have never written about before, so here is a short and sweet review. George Connell started the whisky brand in secret back in 1820. Proper legal license was not acquired until 1833 and it wasn’t till 1907 that the official name changed to Glengoyne from Glenguin of Burnfoot….

Brenne French Single Malt

There are only a little over two weeks left in this 2015 year. Time has been flying by so hopefully you are all enjoy the holiday season. Today’s post is going to be short and sweet with the French Single Malt, Brenne. Allison Patel launched Brenne in 2012. For the creation of Brenne, Patel collaborated…